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What is The Couch?

The Couch is just what the name imply; a place for anyone to simply hang out and have a good time with friends (or find new ones to talk/game with). We strive to connect people to have fun together with, without any restrictions between clans nor communities.

Teamspeak 3

Our main focus is our Teamspeak 3 server where anyone can come and go as they want. Who knows, if you spend a lot of time there you may find your own spot on the couch, there you can decide how you want things to be (more information can be found on the TS3-server).

You can connect to it either by clicking the link at the bottom of this page or adding this address to your bookmarks:


We will later have gameservers set up so that people will have a common ground while being ingame and easier play with others without having the need of adding every single one to their friendlist. Currently we only have a temporary Team Fortress 2 server up, which can be found by connecting to:
(this server address will be used for test-servers later, every actual server we set up in the future will have a proper address assigned to it for easier access)

// The Couch

For the fastest way to get answers for any question, join TheCouch's Teamspeak 3 server!